Letter: Why the left hates the truth

Isn’t it funny how before Mr. Trump became president that he was the darling child of the media and talk shows? Hollywood loved him enough to give him a star on the walk.

The truth of the matter is this: Mr. Trump won an election that the left thought they had in the bag. The tears and gnashing of teeth were rampant throughout the party of change. Never in my lifetime have I seen such disrespect for the office of the president.

Lies? I shudder to think what would’ve happened if Hillary Clinton had won. After all, her career of lies goes all the way back to Watergate when as a lawyer she was fired because she was caught lying. And her lies continue to this day.

With the economy booming, unemployment numbers down to all time lows and Mr. Trump’s other accomplishments since taking office, you would think there would be someone in the mainstream media praising these accomplishments. Yet all I hear are the sounds of crickets in the corner.

I’m an American, and I was taught respect back when respect meant something. I stood for the pledge with hand over heart. I said the Lord’s prayer and did it all in school. I did not learn the revisionist history of our great country, I learned the real history of this country and why it was so great a nation.

And yet today we see in the streets the absolute disrespect for everything American.

It is sad to see this happening here in this great nation. Democratic socialism will destroy this country as it has every other country that it has put its filthy blood-stained hands upon.

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings

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