Letter: Lasheena Johnson a ray of sunshine

During the month of July I spent three days on the second floor of Memorial Hospital. I went through a series of tests and procedures in hopes of finding answers to some problems I was experiencing.

The second night I had a device placed on my chest and it kept falling on the floor. I had to call a nurse to retrieve it several times. After several instances, I tried to use my cane to pull the device closer to the bed so that I could reach it. While attempting to do this, Lasheena Johnson walked into my room and said, “ May I help you sir?” She picked up the device and told me she could solve my problem by getting another robe. She left the room and returned with a robe that had a pocket in it. She put the device into the pocket and the problem was solved. On her other trips down the hall, Lasheena would always stop to see how I was getting along, even though she was not my assigned nurse.

Lasheena was a ray of sunshine and very helpful and showed genuine concern. Her smile and encouragement made my stay a positive experience.

Lasheena Johnson is a valuable asset to the staff of Memorial Hospital. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart. She is the greatest.

Thank You

Art Payne, Harrod

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