Letter: Educated electorate key to America’s problems

How can a foreign government take over the United States of America?

What are two important freedoms we hold most dear?

The freedom to hear, read and see what is happening in the world, the nation, and our home communities. And the freedom and right to choose our government and our leaders.

How do we make up our minds of who to vote for? By listening to the news, reading the newspaper or talking with others about our choices.

We have a huge responsibility to get our facts correct from these media sources. But what if the media, the press and reporters are not reporting the facts but are choosing to only report the news that they want you to hear, see or read?

Our next war is not going to be fought on foreign battlefields but is being fought right here, right now, by influencing the hearts and minds of the American people.

You, the American voter, are the soldier on the battlefield. This November is the most important election of our lifetime. It is up to us, the American voter, to get informed and protect America. Vote! Vote! Vote!

Kathy Hennessy-Ball



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