Letter: Ask why Trump hates the truth

Donald Trump’s presidency only survives as long as enough people are willing to accept his lies. Ask yourself, why does Trump despise the independent press, refering to journalists as “the enemies of the people”? The answer is not complicated; the press continues to shine a bright light on his deceit.

The Washington Post has kept a running tally of President Trump’s lies over the past 21 months. To date, the tally exceeds 4,000 verifiable lies, and sadly the lies have actually accelerated over the last two months, averaging 16 per day. The truth is under assault.

The danger of ignoring this endless wave of lies is normalization. If people lose the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction, then no one, including the president, can be held accountable.

Why does President Trump hate the free and independent press? Because, above all else, he fears the truth.

James Carr



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