Letter: Jordan’s policy hypocrisy must stop immediately

All I can say is that the people in this region must not follow Jordan’s voting record. He states he will cut funding for many programs that the middle-class voters support and then puts this whopper out there: “We will never see $1 trillion dollar deficits.”

Really Mr. Jordan. I believe you voted for the deficit-exploding GOP tax cut that is a giveaway to the top 1 percent. It will never grow the economy; it will never trickle down. We learned that lesson 30 years ago when George H.W. Bush called it voodoo economics. So you have lost the right to say anything about the deficit.

And secondly, just what is Donald Trump’s vision, aside from sucking up to Russia and making this country a banana republic? His lack of vision for anything other than his own enrichment and his bigoted policies seem to be his only concern. My fervent hope is that the voters send you back to Urbana after the midterms because you have been an embarrassment to Ohio since you took office.

Sen. Menendez summed it up well when questioning Pompeo the other day. Had Barack Obama behaved the way Donald Trump did toward Russia, the EU and our closest neighbors and allies, you, sir, would have to be peeled off the ceiling of the Capital.

Your hypocrisy is epic.

Sherri Eley



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