Letter: Lights of hope illuminate prevalence of cancer

It can be hard to cut through the noise on social media when trying to share a cause about which you’re passionate. That is why I am proud to have a visible way to raise awareness for cancer, a disease that will claim the lives of more than 41,000 Ohioans this year.

Every year, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network volunteers like myself travel to Washington, D.C., to speak with Congress about how we can eliminate cancer once and for all. We bring with us thousands of Lights of Hope luminaria bags to display around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, and they’re decorated and adorned with the names of cancer survivors and those lost to this horrible disease.

If anyone would like to get a Lights of Hope bag for someone they love, please contact me at pamniese@yahoo.com. All donations must be made by Sept. 10. The bags may also be ordered at j.mp/2n7GQKz.

Pam Niese



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