Letter: Garrett needs coverage to show the alternative

Reading Janet Garrett’s statement on Jordan’s desire to be House Speaker, I realized something: Coverage of the opposing Democratic candidate has been scarce since the primary.

More attention needs to be paid to her so that voters are more educated on an alternative by November.

Almost all focus is on Jordan. Granted, some of it is on the sex-scandal rumors. Yet an abundance of negative press is still press that helps win elections. Exhibit A: Trump.

Only presenting Jordan increases the chance of voters blindly going for the incumbent. Try showing a better balance.

We got to see Jordan’s policy in his announcement to Congress. For example, Jordan wants to make the 2017 tax bill permanent because he thinks it’s helping our economy grow, all while complaining of a trillion dollar deficit that the same bill has more than contributed toward.

According to a recent study by Bloomberg, 2018 has seen real wages fall by 1.8 percent. Perhaps the bill’s record 83 percent of benefits for the top 1 percent, slashed corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent, and massive Wall Street deregulation has something to do with that.

Anyone else noticing the boom/ bust economic bubble about to pop again? Garrett, meanwhile, wants to defend the rights and wages of workers while decreasing the corporate coddling that our government engages in. Go to JanetGarrett.com to read more. Please, let people know that a better option exists.

Cody Russell Tucker



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