Letter: Jordan, Hannity and GOP all afraid to irritate Trump

The Democrats do not fear President Donald Trump. The Republicans along with Jim Jordan sure do!

Say President Barack Obama saluted a North Korean general, and then Obama says their leader Kim is a real smart guy. You think the right wing would have pounced on that?

Or say Obama put tariffs on multiple products and got us into a trade war. Do you think Jordan and Sean Hannity wouldn’t have criticized that immediately? Why the silence since Trump did these things?

Simple. The Republicans are afraid of a Trump tweet. He attacks the media and has all of these Republicans running for the hills.

Jordan and Hannity all know this in their hearts. Loyalty only flows one way from President Trump. They don’t tow the company line, and Trump will turn on them like a snake.

Obama never treated people that way. Now this type of behavior is considered normal by Trump supporters.

I guess you get what you pay for. Intimidation has always been how Trump does things. Four thousand lawsuits since 1980. Can’t sue the American people, but you can intimidate your own on your political side of the spectrum.

Jordan and Hannity are scared of him. It’s obvious.

Jeffrey Perine



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