Letter: Singing the praises of the water department

An unusual thing happened at our house recently. Around mid-day, we noticed our water pressure was pretty low. Before long, we had no water at all. I called the water department. The gal put me on hold and came back shortly to say that there was a water main break, and they were getting a crew together to go fix it.

We looked out our front door, and our street was full of water. Several neighbors were out front as well, and we ventured out to do some networking. Two families to the west of us had flooded basements. The folks across the street had a Buick that they parked on the street. It was sinking and had to be pulled out, with a tow truck.

Within a few minutes, a small army arrived to block off our street at both ends and shut off the water supply. With military precision, dump trucks and a backhoe arrived and began digging directly in front of our next-door neighbor’s house.

Before long, there was a hole 6 feet deep or more in the middle of the street. Other men started four or five gas-powered pumps with large 3-inch flexible hoses to pump the water out of the expanding hole. Soon, a river of muddy water was flowing down our street. Some of my neighbors wondered if it would be a few days before water was restored.

Before long, a length of pipe was found with a huge split in it. Cutting tools were called for and the bad section, about 6 feet long, was cut out and pulled out of the hole. A new section was brought to the scene and welded into place. By 6 p.m., we had water again.

This probably wasn’t anything too unusual for the guys at the water department; just another “day at the office,” so to speak. But we were all very glad these folks are the experts they are. We’re glad they attack water shortage problems as aggressively as they do. No doubt the same could be said for the gas company and the electric company crews as well. These folks who supply us with so many conveniences are a great blessing. Hats off to all of them!

John Gallaway



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