Letter: Garrett focused on right topics for 4th District

Janet Garrett calls me Bo. Jim Jordan called me a liberal in a room full of Republicans. Apparently he had nothing else to say if he had to single me out. He went on to speak of his opponent, Janet Garrett’s, hometown being a liberal bastion here in Ohio. What he was really saying is that he wished Matt Huffman would have gerrymandered his district better to have no opposition.

Janet Garrett got into the Congressional race against a man who had the backing of millionaires and billionaires. She has been tenacious in her campaigning and knows she can represent the 4th Congressional District better than Jim. He has promised health care, and no plan has been exposed to the public.

If you ever see our current congressman, he is the one who disrespectfully does not wear a suit. Watch him bluster through a Fox News argument or futily talk for a committee that is trying to discredit law enforcement. Jim Jordan has long forgotten his district, and with things on the congressional agenda he probably will never get around to us.

Janet Garrett realizes that the opioid crisis, insurance and Medicaid relief are among our major problems in this congressional district. If you want something done, ask a busy woman. I am asking you to vote for Janet Garrett because we have the facts that our congressman is doing anything to help our gerrymandered district.

Bo Huenke



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