Letter: Republicans should back President Trump’s policies

Calling all Republicans and Americans, now is the time to put our country first.

Regardless of what you think of your local Republican candidate, it is imperative in November to support your candidate and, by doing so, support President Trump and this country. So much is at stake.

You have heard the Democrats calling for the repeal of your tax cuts that have empowered our economy and will continue to spur our economy and put your neighbors back to work. You have heard them calling for open borders which will allow even more illegal aliens to flood into our country, taxing our support system.

You heard them screaming to impeach President Trump. They fear the power your support has given him. They fear his tweets because they are how he gets around the leftest mainstream media to talk to you, much as President Reagan did in his time with his communication powers. You know that the many regulations that President Trump has eliminated will be replaced with more onerous regulations, and our economy will return to the malaise of the Obama/Carter years.

President Trump has done something that no other president has done. He is working on keeping his promises on what he would do to make this country great again. Promises made; promises kept!

Who is standing in the way? Well, you hear them on the mainstream media every night. Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Schiff, Harris, Bernie and Cortez are openly socialists, all catering to the wants of the low-information voters who want free stuff.

Not all Republicans are perfect, but they are more supportive of this country than the alternative.

Phillip C. Sellati



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