Letter: St. Marys levy request just doesn’t add up

Four major resolutions for discussion concerning potential action by the St. Marys school board to place a levy on the November ballot were discussed at July’s regular meeting. These resolutions were to consider the necessity over a five-year period to:

1. Request an emergency property tax levy of $2,604,495 (9.25 mils) per year.

2. Request an emergency property tax levy of $1,954,075 (6.94 mils) per year.

3. Raise $2,603,844 per year on earned income, taxed at 1.0 percent.

4. Raise $1,952,883 per year on earned income, taxed at 0.75 percent.

Nos. 1 and 4 failed for lack of a motion, while 2 and 3 passed unanimously!

This board and administration didn’t know whether it needs an additional $1.95 million or $2.6 million per year to operate the school for the next five years. Their uncertainty amounts to a difference of $3.5 million of taxpayers’ money over five years.

Keep in mind, they’ve already asked for $3.57 million in additional operating funds just this past May. That is a $4.5 million reduction over five years from what they are asking now.

The cavalier attitude and total inappropriateness of this process for determining any additional funding for our school system reveals the board’s total ineptitude and lack of fiscal integrity.

As past election results show, this board of education was requested to consider the option of a regular property tax in lieu of an income tax or emergency property tax. They completely ignored that request and the resulting election outcome. Now they’ve chosen a 1 percent earned income tax for November’s Ballot. They appear to continue favoring the special interest groups that they happen to belong to.

The special meeting on July 23rd at which the board unanimously agreed to place a 1 percent earned income tax on November’s ballot continues the pretense of due diligence, which has become a sick joke to those paying attention.

Bob Valentine

St. Marys


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