Letter: Pets or kids? I pick kids

I want to comment about the feature article — “Rescued!” — in the July 22 issue of Parade Magazine, carried by The Lima News. It concerned celebrities and their rescued pets.

Some will think I don’t like pets/animals. That is not the case. I grew up with pets. My children had pets. Today television barrages us with pet food and pet medication ads. This question may anger some people, but what does that say about our priorities?

My wife and I are licensed foster parents with SAFY. Over the years we have had numerous foster placements in our home. Lots of laughs, same tears, and many memories. When a 12-year-old boy tells us, “You’re the only folks who ever loved us,” and a teenager says, “You’re the only real father I have ever had,” it makes it all worthwhile.

Foster parenting is not for everyone. But I wonder, how many people who have the space, money, and time for pets, could open their homes and hearts to children in need?

Pastor Robert King, Spencerville

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