Letter: I’d laugh at claim if it wasn’t so sad

Where is this treason that Kelly Anspaugh accuses President Trump of having during the summit with Putin?

Treason is a very dangerous word to throw around.

Did Trump sell out our military? Did he give away our uranium to an enemy? Did he allow interference in our elections? Of course how could he since he had not been elected yet? Obama knew about it and did nothing and yet it is Trump who is to blame.

Is it treason that our dead soldiers are being returned home finally from North. Korea? Is it treason that our economy has improved immensely due to the policies enacted by this administration? Is it treason that unemployment is at record lows unseen in history? Is it treason to put America first? Is it treason to tell NATO members that we are no longer their piggy bank and that they need to pay their fair share instead of leeching off of us? Is it treason that we are enforcing our law at the border just as previous administrations have done?

Before you throw around such a word as Treason maybe you should clean up your own back yard of all the treasonous acts committed by your own party, then we may be able to discuss things.

It is the same old mantra of the left, acting like a spoiled child when told no. It is old and tired and worn out.

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings

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