Letter: Vote for change in Allen County

It’s amazing how fast this meme has swept the western world, “drain the swamp.”

Last week I decided to do my part. I signed up to run against Allen County Commissioner Greg Sneary. Yes, I am a little late so I have to run as a write-in. That means on Nov. 6, my name will not be on the ballot; you will have to write “Ned Bushong” in the space that is provided for write-ins.

My platform is simple: Return the government to the people. Over the past generation, the people have been removed from government decisions. The result is ordinary people have encountered big problems.

For example, during the past 25 years:

• real estate taxes have exploded;

• health care has become debilitating;

• home entertainment has become as expensive as a car payment;

• the real value of Social Security has been chopped by a third;

• and the middle class has been decimated.

Despite this, people will not speak out. They will, however, vote for someone who speaks out. That is fine with me. Just remember my name will not be on the ballot, you have to write me in — Ned Bushong — in the space provided.

Never lose sight of our mission, “drain the swamp.”

Ned Bushong, Lima

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