Letter: Third-rate traitor needs impeached

In the wake of President Trump’s treasonous behavior in Helsinki (and are there any who dare not call it treason? Any, that is, who are not fools?), we might ask the following question: How does Trump compare to other traitors in American history? For example that most (in)famous of traitors, Benedict Arnold?

Well, before turning traitor, Arnold had distinguished himself as a brilliant military strategist and valorous combatant. He had thereby won the full confidence of General George Washington, who gave him command of West Point. Arnold later became a turncoat because he felt he had been unfairly passed over for promotion.

Before turning traitor Donald Trump had distinguished himself by being a six-time bankrupt, by founding a bogus university, by starring in a goofy reality TV show, and finally by leading the grotesque — and rabidly-racist — Birther Movement.

What do we learn from asking this question? That, not merely in comparison with other presidents, but even in comparison with other traitors, Donald Trump comes off very badly.

So what say we impeach this third-rate traitor and send him off with a six-gun salute?

Kelly Anspaugh, Ada

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