LETTER: This was Trump in all his glory

While much of the world is reeling from the disgusting performance by Donald Trump … I can say that this is nothing less than I expected from him.

The talking heads are saying, “What is going on?” “Why is he behaving this way?” “Is he suffering from dementia?” We all know the man has a personality disorder. His narcissism has been evident from his first emergence on the public stage. It seems to have gotten worse over the years. This trait alone should have made him unfit for candidacy for the office.

What seems obvious to me is that Trump was groomed by Russia aka Putin for decades. He was chosen just because of his narcissism and his lack of curiosity to learn and understand. After years of grooming, which was reinforced by financial gain from Russians, he was in their pocket.

So Putin has achieved his goal.In effect he has succeeded in taking over the United States. Those who continue to stand by Trump and make excuses for him are complicit in this. Putin admitted this to the world in Helsinki at the news conference, when asked if he wanted Trump to win and if he directed his government to intervene in our election. His response “yes, yes I did”…was very clear.

If this were not the case, why were Jared Kushner and Micheal Flynn trying to set up back channel communications with Russia during the presidential campaign? Congress needs to exercise its constitutional authority of checks and balances to protect this democracy. And if they cannot find it in their hearts and conscious to protect country over party, then they must be voted out of office.

Sherri Eley, Lima

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