Letter: America first? If only it were true

On Dec. 7, 1941, America was attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy. During that attack, 2,300 American military personnel lost their lives. If any American would have given aid and comfort to the Japanese Navy, treason charges would have been forthcoming.

On Sept., 2001, America was once again attacked by foreign nationals resulting in over 3,000 people losing their lives. Again had any American citizen been proven to have given aid and comfort to those hostiles, they would have been charged with treason.

In 2016, America was once again under attack, but this time, there were no jets flying overhead or bombs dropping from the sky. This attack occurred electronically and this attack struck at the fiber of what American democracy is all about — the right to safe and secure elections. Efforts to determine if aid and comfort have been given to those most recent attackers have been stymied.

Did any American give aid and comfort to an attacking enemy? Each attack had it’s own distinguishable trait, but each was an attack on this nation. Those that stand in the way of this investigation should shudder the next time they hear from the White House, “America First.”

— Charlie Thomas, Lima

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