Letter: Let’s be tough on drivers who text

I read with interest the article in Sunday’s Lima News, “Hazards on the Highway.”

I agree with the lack of “civility” on our highways. I have the utmost respect for all law enforcement officers who patrol our roads. I know you all have very tough, dangerous and frustrating jobs. I am thankful for the work you do. I am, however, perplexed by two quotes from Deputy Gesler, of the Allen County Sheriff’s Office.

In one paragraph he states: “We’re seeing a lot of texting while driving.” In another paragraph he states that he has not yet issued a citation for texting while driving, admitting that the infraction is “tough to prove” in a court of law. Perhaps other readers can comment on this. I personally fear this “infraction” could cause injury or death to myself or my family members.

Paul Baransy, Ottawa

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