Letter: We’ve had enough of Jim J0rdan

I have been thinking about the reasons Jim Jordan must go.

There are the most recent allegations concerning his time as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University. Although yet unsubstantiated and more than a little fortuitous in timing, they seem totally believable and very much in character. If there is one quality that Jim Jordan demonstrates consistently, it is his indifference to the misfortunes that may befall others.

There has never been a program for the poor or powerless that Jim does not deem useless.

Jim is a career politician that claims to despise those who live off the government. There are only two areas, of which I am aware, for which a law degree is useful. One is the practice of law and the other is politics.

Jim received a law degree from Capital University yet chose never to take the bar exam. This indicates to me that even while he was busy coaching college wrestlers, he was plotting his first run for state office and a career of collecting paychecks funded by taxpayers and wealthy donors.

Bruce Workman, Huntsville

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