Letter: Hello! Yes, we are awake!

We are awake and tired of the exhausting nonsense about the alleged boogeyman that resides in the oval office. Where are these so-called provable lies? Misogynistically derogatory comments? Hateful xenophobic inflammatory statements? Really Larry? Are your poor little feelings hurt? You act as a child that lost his foofoo.

Your rant looks more like a cut and paste job right out of the left wing socialist propaganda play book. Pput down the Kool-Aid for once.

The only hateful and hurtful blather I have ever noticed is coming from you. Talk about morally bankrupt; you take the prize there.

You mentioned “Law and Order.” Hmm, closing the border and enforcing the law against illegals kind of falls into that category, doesn’t it Larry? And for a third-rate businessman, well, I wish I were as a successful “third-rate” businessman as he is.

I have always found it amazing how the left always espouses law and order and family values while at the same time eroding family values and destroying law and order. But then some people are just to gullable.

This letter that you wrote is probably one of the most obnoxious and childish letters I have ever read. Reminds me of something Maxine Waters would say, and that’s bad.

You are hurt because the last 530 days has seen an undoing of the garbage from the previous administration that was foisted on the American people and you just can’t stand it.

That makes me smile Larry.

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings

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