Letter: Mom of two sets of twins thankful

The Moore family would like to show our gratitude to the See Me Now Kids Program and Choice’s Behavior Services for working with my young children and exposing them to positive role models and amazing educational programs.

We would also like to thank Camp 4H, water and soil conservation, Johnny Appleseed, NABCJ Family, and LACNIP neighborhood association for blessing one of my children with the opportunity to experience camp at 4H Camp Palmer.

As a single working mother of two sets of twins, it’s not always plausible for me to offer my children the opportunity to experience such activities. My son said, ” I’ve made so many new friends and learned so many new exciting things, I’m going to work all year to save money for me and my twin to come next year.”

I’m am truly grateful these organizations that reach out to families like mine.

Chavanique Moore, Lima

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