Letter: Enough of Jordan, Trump

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan needs to go. After seeing and hearing him on TV, he is trying to make a name for himself. He is not for Ohio people or for America. It is time for American people to step up and say no more. We the taxpayers are being used.

It’s time that Republicans and Democrats stop playing games and get to work for the American people. Stop using taxpayer money for their own use. And President Trump needs to stop lying to us and saying things about people. Stop this hate and people in the White House need to work for the American people and not for this president. This president also needs to stop meddling with our Justice Departments. They keep us safe. He is just making other countries not trust us. He doesn’t stop and think before he speaks.

American people get out and vote before it’s too late.

Mary Squires, Lima

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