Proud ofJim Jordan

I’m very disappointed in The Lima News for plastering on the front page on July 4th that Congressman Jim Jordan was guilty. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty?”

Jordan is a well-respected, hard-working, decent person who has given many years of service to “our” district. He has made a positive impact on our lives and work right here in Allen County. He supports tax and spending limitations, open and accountable government, the Constitutional rule of law and policies that promote our safety and liberty.

And yes, the timing of this so called accusation is very interesting. Not only did the incident supposedly occur 30 years ago, but some of the accusers are questionable. So why now is this coming to light and who is behind it? Interesting that it was so close after his questioning of Atty Gen Rosenstein who, BTW, did not provide any useful information. The oversight committee is still waiting for documents regarding the tireless, money wasting Russia fiasco which has gone on way to long.

I am proud of Congressman Jordon’s representation in Washington. He would make a great Speaker of the House replacing Paul Ryan. President Trump called some members of the Freedom Caucus, of which Jordon had a part in heading up, as “absolute warriors” and many people who live here agree with that description.

The Lima News seems to be part of the fake news catastrophe that has caused tremendous upheaval in our country. If you cannot report fairly, the real news can be found in other places.

Lynn Gratz, Lima

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