Letter: Benjamin Faurot would be pleased

Somewhere, Benjamin C. Faurot, one of Lima’s most prominent citizens, is smiling. Maybe because he was lucky. He once drilled for water on Lima’s east side and found oil, reportedly just the second place in the world.

He raised horses for the Union army during the Civil War and today those 89 acres on Lima’s west side is a park in his name.

The city has been a great steward of the Faurot’s gift and his local jewel never shines so brilliantly as it does each Fourth of July. For the past 25 years, thousands gather to celebrate our country’s independence. Faurot would smile in approval of all those organizations, leaders, volunteers and citizens who helped make it possible.

But perhaps his biggest smile would come the day after, when there is no evidence of the great day-long celebration, but only another wonderful memory of a terrific day that the community came together to celebrate in harmony.

Thanks to everyone who helped make Faurot smile and Lima too!

Larry L. Oatman, Lima

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