Letter: Build the wall

I am sending this on the day that thousands of misguided Americans are demonstrating to demand that our president and ICE ignore laws that the Congress has passed which protect the culture and sovereignty of our nation.

We cannot continue to allow a flood of Illegal Emigrants to enter the country only to be turned loose by a misguided catch and release policy. It is truly laughable to think that these people will show up for a hearing that could (rightfully) send them back to the country they came from.

Democrat / Socialist Social Warriors are screaming that the “children” are being mistreated. I contend that the “children” were mistreated by their parents dragging them across three or four countries to use them as tools to garner sympathy with the press and other liberals.

Our president is doing the right thing by not letting these people go into the interior of our country. We need to close the Southern border with a wall and turn back any Illegal’s who violate our borders. It does not matter wither these people bring their children with them or not. Stop them at the border and send them home. The people of Venezuela fell for the Socialist Paradise lie, we must not. We cannot cure the problems of the rest of the world by destroying our country and culture.

In short, build the wall, build the wall, build the wall.

Kenneth E Harris, Lima

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