Letter: Making America great again

It sure is good to be American. Isis destroyed. Talks going well with North Korea. Hostages returned. Black and Hispanic unemployment is at an all time low. Trillions of dollars added to the stock market. Jobs are up, food stamps down. And a summit set to meet with a “tough” Russian President.

Our former president was elected with his smile and gift of “gab” Not one company would have looked seriously at his resume. Eight years of lies, and failures! His leadership, or lack of, seriously damaged this country. He pulled troops to form Isis; traded five terrorists for a military “deserter;” gave billions to Iran for hostages; critically doubled the country’s deficit; tried to ruin a great health-care system with government “mandates;” signed a “bogus” deal with Iran which wasn’t presented to Congress and wasn’t even signed by Iran. The language in the deal would have offered military protection to Iran, even if “attacked” by Israel!

America has the biggest economy in the world, however it carries a trade “deficit” with all major countries. Simple economics suggests that our trade policies aren’t very good. Trump has smart, successful persons working on these deals, and changes will benefit America for generations.

The Democratic Party hasn’t offered one idea on helping America. They can only try to disgrace, disparage, and dishonor President Trump, and everything he does. It’s not about party, but what is best for America!

Daniel A. Dawe, Delphos

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