Letter: Why not offer health care?

We always hear the call from Republicans of the evils of socialism. Look at our way of life as Americans. We pay taxes to our government and they provide the basis for a civil society.

Our military, police, firefighters, courts, judges, prisons and all of our government officials at every level have one thing in common: They are all single payer. Taxpayers pay for these services. Why not health care as well? Pay a value added tax to all purchases to have the government offer a service.

Mr. Jordon believes the free market will solve heal thcare in our country. My question to him would be that in a free market you have winners and losers, so Mr. Jordon please point out the constituents who lose and do without. He can’t answer that or defend his position. As Americans how do we want to live? Any of our fellow citizens should suffer and do without? No is the answer so we have to pay for it then. Single Payer and we wash our hands of this problem.

Jeffrey Perine, Lima

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