Letter: Buy local with prevailing wage

Little things are important. “Buy local” is not being totally supported — remember for the want of a nail! Prevailing wage is in many ways a “buy local” program.

Unfortunately, many elected officials do not give more than lip service to “buy local.” The latest assault was detailed well in a Lima News’ article concerning the proposed assault on prevailing wage by State Senator Matt Huffman and the Allen County Commissioners. The savings they propose is negligible considering the long term affect to the community would be detrimental.

A great example is the Lima Schools that were built a few years back.

The Lima Building Trades was approached asking for assistance with the “get out the vote / support campaign” for this $100 million dollar project. The Building Trades gave $2,000.00 … then the school board refused to do any thing supporting local contractors.

South Middle School shows very well the difference between local union contractor’s quotes and the low bid out of town open shop quotes. Tilton; General Contractor … 27/100 of 1 percent. Reynolds; Electrical Contractor 1.4 percent. Tilton Corporation has been in business since 1910 and Reynolds Electric since 1926. Both Contractors were located in Lima. If you worked for them, no matter where you lived or worked, you paid Lima City Income Taxes. Tilton regularly has 100-plus on its payroll, sometimes in excess of 1,000. Reynolds, at times in excess of 100 on their payroll. Both contractors are now gone. For the want of a nail, just like the horse, the soldier, the battle and the war in the poem for the want of a nail.

What could have been was lost due to a lack of vision and commitment to the whole community.

David Smith, Lima

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