Letter: Dems talking through their pants

Would you believe the Democrats are concerned about the safety of the children of illegal aliens and those unattended pouring over our border, and yet they do not have great empathy for those being torn from their mother’s womb, even during partial birth abortions? These children are of American women, so I guess that doesn’t concern them.

We have the best economy in 40 years, lowest unemployment in generations, pay scales are going up, bonuses galore, help wanted signs up the kazoo, and still the Dems are talking through their pants. Hey, how about that Kilauea volcano, almost as much pollution as the smoke emitted out of Al Gore’s mouth. Where is he when we need a sacrifice?

The most violent movies ever produced in Hollywood by so called actors who have the most armed protection and yet call for the removal of the ability of persons to protect their families and property by legal means. Huge aircraft, ponderous limos, huge multi- estates gigantic egos, and would you believe, these very so called gifted people are telling us we must ride Vespa’s or perhaps invest in roller skates? Ads tell us smoking is bad for our health and pot ingested into our lungs is good?

How about global warming, oh wait, I believe it is summer, my mistake. Did you hear that Barbara Streisand cloned her dog? That’s OK though, as long as they don’t clone her, Bill Maher, Pocahontas, Pelosi, Schumer and like type.

This world will survive though throughout all of this turmoil; however, I’m not quite sure if we will.

Leslie J. Kubinski, Wapakoneta

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