Letter: Jordan steps over the line

I watched in amazement as Jim Jordan attacked both Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein and FBI director Wray mercilessly for their defense of the rule of law and the investigation of Trump and his conspirators. I have not witnessed a greater disrespect for our Congress since the “You Lie” scream at Obama several years ago.

Is this what the Republican Party has become?

They say when you can’t argue the facts, argue emotion. If you cannot argue with facts or emotion pound the table. Jordan might not have pounded the table, but he visibly upset a usually controlled and respectful lawyer to the point he was goaded into a shouting match. Not what the fathers intended for this august body, but all too common among this latest iteration of the party of Lincoln.

Benghazi, Whitewater, Iran-Contra, and Watergate all lasted far longer than Mueller’s investigation. Mueller has 4 guilty pleas, one in jail awaiting trial(s) and one with time (30 days and a $20,000 fine) served. Mueller has been at it a year, and all indications are he will have a definitive result within the next 60 days.

I just have to wonder what Trump must have on Jordan and his ilk to make them bow at the throne of a liar.

Yes, there was “no collusion.” It was an outright conspiracy. Jordan will go down in history as just one of a vast “confederacy of dunces.” But we all will pay the price for his ignorance.

James Herhold, Lima

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