Letter: Help correct an injustice

A crime against humanity is being perpetuated by the Social Security Administration. It denied disability benefits to a man who served this country in the military service as a medic, but due to a side effect of high blood pressure, he lost vision completely in one eye. He also now has what was referred as ‘tunnel vision’ in the eye he has vision in. That narrow portion of his vision is good, but not as good as mine.

I have been ‘blind ‘my entire life. I have vision, but it has never been good enough to get a driver’s license. Being diagnosed at a young age, I received help from the public schools I attended. Since that time in my life I have been in rehabilitation programs with other blind individuals. Through all this exposure, all of us can usually tell what level of sight another blind person has.

I started to meet people who lost there vision later in life. They were able to enjoy life in a sighted world, and then lost it. Almost every one of them expressed a level I can only describe as depressed. Sometimes, they even wonder if life is worth living.

There must be someone who knows the ins and outs of the SSA, and or the VA who can help iron out this mess. Or at least point us in the right direction.

Visit the Go Fund Me Page on Facebook https://www.gofundme.com/let039s-help-correct-a-injustice?member=334536

Mark Schmiesing, Lima

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