Letter: We must help the children

We all call ourselves Americans, most have family that came to this country as immigrants and got off boats at different ports of entry. Then they became citizens or did they?

I understand that we need to protect our boarders, but these children are not criminals or terrorist. The children are being traumatized by the way they have been separated. The reasons they are in this land is their parents are trying to make a better life for them. We have a system to make them citizens. Let’s get them through the paper work.

We say we have so many jobs in this country and no one to fill them. We have so many government agencies that are trying to take care of our children and families. Why put these people in cages and separate them, cause more mental problems for the children, pay for food, boarding, hire people to staff the facilities.

Who is going to doctor them? At what cost? So we prosecute these parents and what do we end up with the same results and send them home. If these were your families, you wouldn’t sit on your hands.

Ken Piercefield, Elida

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