Letter: Wall, better immigration laws can solve problem

For the past week or so, we have seen crocodile tears and gnashing of teeth from the Democrats over the plight of the children whose parents have brought or sent them illegally across our border.

OK, it is sad that this is going on, but there is a solution. No. 1, build the wall. They have no right to be here. There is a legal way for them to cross the border. Use it. End chain migration. End the lottery.

Our immigration law should address who can enter and under what terms they can enter. New citizens should demonstrate that they can support themselves. Learning English should be a requirement for entry and citizenship. Even here in Lima, we hear young families speaking in a foreign language out in the stores. They are not choosing to be Americans. English is our language. Be responsible for yourself and your family.

Regarding the illegal aliens already here, I realize it is not practical to deport them, and if they have not done any criminal acts since coming here illegally they should be allowed to stay and given green cards. They should never be given any path to citizenship. This is a consequence of their illegal act.

The DACA “kids” should be allowed to become citizens if they have not been involved in criminal activity. They should be English speakers, since not knowing English would be a major handicap to them becoming American in any sense of the word.

Why do the democrats want wide open borders? It is obvious that Democrats do not want any restrictions on who can come here.

Make America Great Again.

Phillip C. Sellati



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