Letter: Speak out for America

Like 66 percent of this country’s citizens, I was horrified TheDonald was using children as pawns in his usual bullying way. Speak up. This is what you can do to voice your opinion:

• File a complaint against ICE with Office for Civil Rights & Civil Liberties: 202-401-1474

• Call the RNC and blast them for trying to blame their policy on the Dems, as they engage in horrific cruelty. Let them know we’re on to their lies: 202-863-8500

• Call the White House Comment line. Speak your mind as you choose: 202-456-6213

• Call the DOJ Comment Line. Tell Jeff Sessions how you feel about separating children from parents at our border: 202-353-1555

• We can call the Attorney Generals of the states and have them arrest and detain the Congresspeople who support Trump and ask that they prosecute them for aiding and abetting state-sponsored terrorism. That would invoke immediate requirements for special elections or governor appointments which might shift Congress enough that we can begin impeachment proceedings.

Michelle Baumeister, Lima

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