Letter: No more plea deals

I among many of my peers would like to pose to the judge of Allen County Common Pleas Court and to the prosecutors who work within the legal system of Allen County a question:

Why is it that every single time there is a high or even medium profile case going on in our court system, all we hear about are plea deals? We even hear that a plea deal has yet to be accepted. That tells the voters of Allen County that you’re throwing plea deals out there before actually trying to win the court case without a plea deal.

We are all so sick of plea deals! Do your jobs! Work to make these murders, rapists, child murders go to jail for all the time deserved. No more plea deals! It’s not what your constituent’s want!

Believe me, when it comes to voting time, you’re going to see a lot of people making different decisions like we did in this last decision for judge. Now, it’s time for the new judge to step up and demand that plea deals come to an end! We supported her, she needs to support what Allen County wants!

Jacki Maidon, Lima

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