Letter: Jordan poor choice for Speaker of House

Mr. Jordon and the Freedom Caucus take the safest route when addressing our country’s problems. They complain and criticize and do nothing. No political risk in doing that. Coming up with solutions and answering for their failures when it doesn’t work out is a political risk. So they do nothing.

The Speaker of the House has to get things done. A consensus builder who can move things forward. Mr.Jordon is not the person for that type of job. If you have the attitude that everything has to be done my way or I’m taking my ball and going home, then that person needs to grow up. This is a Democracy, not a dictatorship. You don’t get everything you want. He simply doesn’t see things that way.

I say don’t listen to people who only complain, but to people that have ideas to better the situation. Otherwise nothing will get done.

Jeffrey Perine, Lima

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