Letter: Sneaky stuff in Cridersville

As Cridersville property owners for over 25 years, we can’t believe the village didn’t notify us that they were planning to change our residential neighborhood to commercial. The more digging we do, the more suspicious we get and we’re determined to find out what we’re not being told.

My husband and I both work and look forward to coming home after the day is done. “Home is a place of belonging, a place to feel safe, a place to be part of the community and that’s what small town living in Cridersville is all about. (Quoted from the village of Cridersville’s website.) Well, not for long.

Our peace and quiet, low traffic, low crime neighborhood living is slipping through our fingers. Since the additional gas station has opened, traffic has increased and so have the speeding occurrences. Our council president said that they have never pushed anything through and have never tried to blindside anyone. I encourage the public to review the posted minutes on Cridersville’s website and count how many motions were declared emergencies so that council could vote right away, particularly the July 10, 2017, minutes on this proposal.

There should be more discussing before rushing a decision on anything that sacrifices residents’ quality of living. We are also not in favor of the proposed new 15 liquor licenses that would allow one license per every five acres in the revitalization area. Families live here. Children play here. If our questions could get answered, it would make it much easier for us to work together.

Sheryl Maier, Criderville

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