Letter: Sorry Larry, you have it all wrong

Yesterday I stopped by a cousin’s house and was asked to respond to Larry Donaldson’s letter (May 31, “The situation we are in right now.”)

Yes Larry, we Trump supporters did give the middle finger to the “political establishment” and it was a long time coming. America was in desperate need of a non-politician and has been for a very long time. But then Larry seems to always digress to socialist views along with the rest of the left out there.

Larry, can’t seem to comprehend how government is supposed to work in this country. It used to be a privilege to serve and when your term was up you went home feeling grateful that the nation had chosen you. Today it is a career choice and a way to live off of other people’s money.

You say our current President made promises he hasn’t kept. He hasn’t been in office two years yet. But then obviously you are blind to facts which has always been a trait of the left.

Trump has given the biggest tax cut in history, made it more profitable for business to remain here as opposed to moving overseas or across the border. He has unemployment at an all time low and has black unemployment lower than it has ever been.

Health care? Where in our Constitution does it make health care a “right”?

Gas prices? What has any president ever done about gas prices.

This president is a capitalist and will allow the economy to thrive.

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings

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