Letter: Interesting article ends on sour note

The May 26 article by Sam Shriver titled “Kalida School Ranker High By U.S. News and World Reports” was an interesting read until the very last sentence. Despite numerous schools existing in Allen County area, Mr. Shriver chose to take a shot at Lima Senior by closing his article with the sentence “Lima Senior High did not make the list.”

I read and re-read the article, but amazingly I did not find Lima Central Catholic, Bath, Elida, Perry, Allen East or Temple Christian discussed; nor did I note any negativity toward their lack of inclusion on this list. With the exception of Shawnee, every school listed in the report was outside of the Allen County area.

A more respectful approach would have been to end the article with the facts about Shawnee, rather than including a cynical, inessential, and biased declaration toward Lima Senior.

Anna Mustaine, Lima

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