Letter: Cable-TV war is not dead

I’m certain, interested people have wondered what happened to us. Simple answer: we have moved on to the productive stage, implementing a solution.

There are two solutions: My favorite is building a municipal cable company. The long term payoff is terrific. For the past month I have been calling business professionals for input, and to ask if they would consider being on a committee. The most important aspect of this plan is to take control of Spectrum’s infrastructure through Eminent Domain. My research shows that this should not be a difficult hurdle, but time consuming. If you, dear reader, are an enterprising attorney and are interested in exposure, call me.

The second solution is to bring in competition, offering better service at a better price. I have talked to several eager candidates and they all agree, clarification on the Eminent domain needs to be addressed, first. I can’t argue with that.

I hereby extend an invitation to all, to sit on a committee to work out the details. Business professional, legal professional, or interested tax payer? Brain-storming is an American ideal.

Ned Bushong, Lima

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