Letter: Laws are intended to apply to all, regardless of status or power.

President Trump and his allies are doing everything in their power to undermine Special Council Mueller’s investigation. It is a dangerous game they are playing, because ultimately it strikes at the very foundation that our nation is built upon. We were designed by our founders to be a nation based upon the rule of law, and those laws are intended to rule all of us, regardless of status or power.

No one enjoys the prospect of being involved in a criminal investigation. Anyone who is the subject of a criminal investigation would love to have the ability to end the investigation when they feel personally threatened. Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to fire the chief of police (FBI Director) who is investigating the case you are involved in? How nice would it be to have the ability to demand that the prosecuting attorney reveal evidence and turn over witnesses before charges have even been filed? In fact, it would be great to have the ability to influence, or even fire the prosecuting attorney (Robert Mueller) or his boss, the Deputy Attorney General ( Rod Rosenstein), if they were uncooperative.

The President, as the Chief Executive Officer of the United States, has great power, and with that great power there is the potential for great abuse. The United States Congress has the ability and the constitutional authority to reign in the power of a rogue president. The time is coming when members of Congress are going to have to make a choice: They can choose to behave as partisans or they can choose to behave as patriots. We must remain vigilant. Throughout history, democratic forms of government have been fragile, and ours is no exception. We should not take our republican form of democracy for granted, it is only as strong as the men and women who have sworn to uphold it.

James Carr, Celina

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