Letter: What station is first to raise gas prices

After seeing the May 22 front page of The Lima News, I have a few observations to make about gasoline prices.

For nine months, I tracked five gas stations: two in the Lima area (Speedway and Sam’s), two in Kenton (Marathon and Cut Rate) and one in Logan County (Marathon).

Upon asking employees of all five stations, four of them had Marathon gas in their tanks. The employee of the Cut Rate station said he had no idea what brand of gasoline it used.

What I learned from my list:

• Almost all of the price increases started at the Speedway stations.

• The Kenton stations didn’t raise prices right away.

• When the Kenton stations did raise the price, it usually was not as much. That made me check Gas Buddy, which is what I used as a price source of gas. I wanted to see if it listed any Speedway stations in Kenton. It didn’t list any. My conclusion: No wonder Kenton’s gas prices are lower.

I have a choice, so I don’t buy gas from Speedway. I go elsewhere.

Another question you should ask yourself is why is there a 20 cents difference in that brand of gas today around Lima?

Don’t complain about cable vision prices if you support the brand of gas stations that is doing the same thing the cable company is doing.

Jack Kindle, Lima

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