Letter: Rev. Fails, what path will you walk

I have some positive suggestions for the Rev. Ron Fails to consider.

I’m a product of Lima, raised here in the 1950s and ’60s. I returned to the Lima area one year ago after living elsewhere for 50 years. I am challenging you, Mr. Fails, after reading the May 20 edition of The Lima News about the coverage of the fight between two girls. In the years since I returned, I have read with interest similar allegations from you.

I find it interesting that one of the girls involved in the fight cannot remember why they were fighting. Rev. Fails, you have alleged some very serious charges such as alleging this incident is typical of “a continued assault on the blacks in this community” and “use of excessive force (by Lima police), especially against black females.

There is scant evidence to support these charges, other than your perception of these events. Sgt. Hart faced a very difficult challenge to halt a violent fight where the participants refused to quit.

It is my sincere suggestion, Rev. Fails, that you use your theological training and the resolve of the NAACP to benefit the community.

The possibilities are many. Your organization could sponsor nutritional programs and/or educational tutoring programs. … any kinds of medical program.

I challenge you to be an examine your extremely negative viewpoints and your divisive rhetoric. Ask yourself what you and your prominent organization can do to make Lima better and less divided.

Jerry Converse, Ada

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