Letter: Shame on Jordan for not commenting

I am curious how parents in Allen County feel about Jim Jordan’s refusal to mark “Yes,” “No” or even “Partially Agree” to the five proposals the student survivors of the Parkland shooting presented.

My opinion of Jim Jordan is ‘shame on him.” I am a gun owner, so what I have to say is from that perspective. I would be horrified if my grandchildren were affected in any way by a school shooting, by being shot or viewing others being killed. These children are scarred for life, also, with PTSD. If you want to see the complete list of representatives, Google, WaPo ‘We asked every House of Rep. about the Parkland gun policy agenda.’

The following is a portion of the Washington Post article:

Before the Santa Fe shooting, The Washington Post contacted the office of every U.S. representative, multiple times if necessary, to gauge their support or opposition to the proposals, which have yet to be codified into a single bill. We found that while many Democrats were eager to support the proposals, most Republicans did not seem to want to engage on the issue, as evidenced by the high rate of nonresponse among Republican members.

Just 12 percent of the House Republican delegation — 29 out of 237 members — responded.

List of Proposals

1. Dedicated funding for the CDC to research gun violence

2. Strengthening the ATF’s ability to track and record gun sales

3. Universal background checks for gun purchases

4. A ban on magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition

5. A ban on assault weapons, including a registration or buyback program for these weapons already in circulation

Carole Daley, Lima

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