Letter: Fails’ response is predictable

Ronald Fails continues to beat the drum of injustice and make every issue that arises strictly a black vs. white issue. It is a form of racism itself that solves no problems. It is an issue of society and culture that needs to change. I don’t care what color you are, if you are going to brawl in the streets, it needs to be addressed. Better a swift kick than a bashed skull inflicted during a stupid argument!

If the NAACP wants to help, maybe a program to assist families that have no idea how to parent and some guidance to become productive members of society, instead of press conference that always cry “racism.” It is not strictly a race issue; it is a human issue. Something needs to change and constantly pointing fingers at law enforcement is not the solution. The fact that law enforcement needs to be involved is a question that needs to be looked into.

It would also be nice to see the NAACP show some support and respect to all of the fine members of our community and students who deserve some positive attention!

Judy Lehman, Elida


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