Letter: Primary commercials raise many questions

The recent Ohio primary election made for some interesting accusations and counter-charges.

According to Mary Taylor’s opponents, she did not endorse Donald Trump in the presidential election. As the Trump train continues in derail mode, not endorsing him might be the smartest thing she didn’t do, if true.

The DeWine camp tugged at our heartstrings, making sure to mention countless times that they lost a daughter at the age of 22 or thereabouts. The DeWines are not the first people to lose a child, nor will they be the last. Two of my children have pre-deceased me, and I did not get nor expect a pity party.

Several of the candidates touted their Christian conservative values, while assuring us that they will stand up for our Second Amendment rights. I am not sure what one has to do with the other. I believe in Christianity, and i am a gun owner. However, I never have read in the Bible where Jesus required his disciples to bring their AR-15’s to the next meeting. With Judas Iscariot in attendance, it’s probably just as well.

If the recent TV political ads have not satisfied your appetite for them, not to worry. As with Niagara Falls, an unending supply is on the way.

Victor Arnett



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