Letter: No use for roundabouts

I think that I can speak for the Lima area that all of us will be pleased when the Elm Street underpass is completed. It’s a project that has been way overdue.

I’ve been in traffic jams on both sides of the tracks waiting for trains to pass. First responders will will be breathing easier once it’s done. Since fire station No. 5 was closed, the East Side has been at risk of a tragic event if a train severed that part of town off.

Now what I’m not happy about is installing a needless and worthless roundabout.

Excuse me! We are the United States, not England, or any other European countries who have them. I hate them. The roundabout in Shawnee township is a joke. As a professional driver, I’m seeing more and more of them. I’m still trying to figure out how a roundabout is better than a traffic light. You have Elm Street, Market Street and Calumet all meeting there. Business will be effected and the area will be a logistical nightmare. Traffic signals are better, not European style traffic flow.

Yes! The grade separation is long overdue, but save money and scrap the idea of the worthless, meaningless roundabout.

Tim Ludwig, Lima

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