Letter: Time for Ohio to clean house

I was shocked to read in The Lima News that Zack Space, the Democrat candidate for state auditor, has called for an investigation of the ECOT school, which alledgedly stole at least $60 million from taxpayers. I have since looked more into ECOT, and what I’m seeing is horrifying. ECOT’s CEO is a rich donor buying the loyalty of politicians and scamming taxpayers out of millions of dollars. Why is it these corrupt politicians in Columbus have been in power so long? I agree with Space that there should be a criminal investigation into ECOT.

I also saw that Space’s opponent for state auditor is Keith Faber, who has been running for office around here for what seems like decades. Why didn’t Faber do anything to stop ECOT for all those years? I can guarantee that Lima City Schools sure could have used all that money. Was Faber bought off by this ECOT CEO? How can he be auditor and keep watch over our tax dollars if his loyalty can be purchased? He needs to come clean and answer how this scam happened under his watch.

I hope that my neighbors wake up to the corruption in Columbus. It is your taxpayer money being thrown down the drain! If we don’t stand up for ourselves come this November, I fear what I will read in this paper if the same old politicians get elected in Ohio again.

Amber Basares, Lima

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