Letter: Wind industry can’t be trusted

I was once a wind energy fan, but no longer. The companies which will infest Hardin, Logan, and other counties are giving the industry a horrible name and reputation.

Hardin Wind/Invenergy came into Hardin County with all kinds of promises after they obtained most of their lease agreements secretly. Our commissioners at the time, 2009, enacted an alternative energy zone. This allows the wind company to pay about 1/20th of the taxes everyone else pays and the wind companies promote how much of a “benefit” this is to the local economy. What tax payer wouldn’t want to pay that much less?

Now, Invenergy is seeking yet its fifth radical change from the Ohio Power Siting Board to erect even more massively tall turbines, increasing the blade length, height, and all the negative impacts which will certainly occur on surrounding family homes.

What other industry can a company sell its product as one thing, and then can greatly alter its final plan where it no longer even resembles what was promised? If the turbines are to be allowed to be 599 feet tall now, with twice the size and weight of generating nacelle, how can they not lower our home values and quality of life.

If the wind industry has proven anything, it has proven itself to be unscrupulous, dishonest, secretive, and ready to soak the tax payer with all their subsidies. Take for example Hog Creek in Hardin County where they have destroyed roads and have thrown a blade already!

Ohioans needn’t make the same unfortunate and costly mistakes that Europe did with an industry which wreaks havoc on local neighborhoods. These are industrial complexes and were designed to be situated off the coast, not in children filled neighborhoods.

Ed Rogers, Kenton

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